San Francisco Doctor Says Bay Area "Crushed The Curve" When It Comes To Coronavirus

And California has done so in general

April 21, 2020
San Francisco

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


As the Bay Area remains under shelter in place orders, one San Francisco doctor and researcher, virologist Dr. Warner Green with San Francisco’s Gladstone Institute says that the Bay Area & California "crushed the curve" when it comes to handling the Coronavirus.

As cases in New York and around the country have risen much quicker than they have in California, Green noted that quick action and compliance helped here and that it will allow us to return to normal quicker than other places.

He noted that while things might start going back to normal, large gatherings remain unlikely until a vaccine is available. Saying that we might feel as if we can relax, but the virus won't.

Green stressed that social distancing parameters & face covering requirements need to remain for quite some time and that we must not get complacent.

As of Tuesday April 21st there are 28,963 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in California and there have been 1,072 deaths in the state. New York's shelter in place orders began just days later and they've seen 136,806 confirmed cases & 10,344 deaths.