Reno 911 Being Revived With Original Cast

December 6, 2019
Reno 911

Evan Agostini / Staff


Update 2/20/20: The full original cast will be returning for new episodes.

Ten years since "Reno 911!" went off the air at Comedy Central, the new streaming service, Quibi, has ordered new episodes of the satirical law enforcement show. The show's original cast and reccuring guests are all expected back for what would be a seventh season.

Quibi will launch in April of 2020 and will cost between $5-8 a month.

Originally airing from 2003 - 2009, "Reno 911!" also made a big screen debut back in 2007 with "Reno 911!: Miami."

It's not yet known when the new episodes will premiere, but we'll let you know.