Reminder: In California You Can Legally Break Into A Hot Car To Save A Dog

May 14, 2018

TAbudATe / Getty Images


A reminder for the summer time that as of January 2017 in the state of California it is legal to break into a hot car to save an animal that you fear might be in danger, if you are unable to locate the owner first. You must also contact authorities before doing so.

According to the law, following the necessary steps before breaking into the vehicle should protect you from the civil and criminal liabilities that exempt you from paying for property damage, or trespassing.

It remains illegal to leave an animal alone in a car that poses danger, just as it is with leaving a child under 6 unattended in a running car, one with keys in the ignition, without someone 12 years of age, or older.

For more, head to the Los Angeles Times.