Extended PG-13 Version Of 'Deadpool 2' To Hit Theaters In December

October 10, 2018

20th Century Fox/Marvel


Jumping in on the holiday movie frenzy, Fox is preparing to release a PG-13 version of 'Deadpool 2' with 15 minutes of new footage & a new character.'Once Upon A Deadpool' will arrive for a limited run from December 12th - Christmas Eve.

The new version will tone down the cursing & violence, but would add a lot for those who were unable to see it earlier in 2018 due to its R-rating. Ryan Reynolds recently teased a scene from it that plays off of 'The Princess Bride'. The additional footage was conceived by Reynolds and shot guerilla-style in a single day.

$1 from every ticket sold for the film will go to a F*** Cancer campaign, which will be temporarily referred to as "Fudge Cancer" for the PG-13 run of the film.

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