Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, And Monterey Beaches To Close For 4th Of July Weekend

To keep crowds from coming to their cities

July 2, 2020
Pacifica Pier

Getty Images


All beaches in the cities of Pacifica and Half Moon Bay will be closed as of sunrise Friday morning (July 3rd) until Monday. In Monterey beaches are also closing for the Fourth of July weekend on both Saturday & Sunday.

This comes as Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a closure of parking lots at state beaches in the Bay Area and southern California for the weekend to help prevent crowds as a surge of Coronavirus cases has once again hit the state.

Pacifica Mayor Deirdre Martin emphasized that there will be “No fireworks, no parking, no beach-going,” in the city this weekend.

Monterey beaches such as Del Monte, San Carlos and McAbee will be closed and you can now be fined $100 in the city for not wearing a face covering.