There's A Pop-Up Bar Dedicated To 'The Office' And We Need To Go

August 23, 2018

Katharine Dulin


Earlier this summer Chicago's Replay Lincoln Park opened what might be their most popular pop-up yet, one dedicated to 'The Office'. 

Previously, the bar & arcade has transformed into a themed spot dedicated to 'Rick & Morty,' 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia,' & others. This 'The Office' pop-up has already extended its run through Labor Day, and hopefully it'll stick around even longer.

There's all sorts of 'The Office' memorobilia, cardboard cut-outs, themed drinks, and it's always on the bar's TVs. You can order drinks like a Scotch & Splenda, 'That's What She Said,' & the Chili's Margarita.

We're gonna make you jealous if you haven't come to our #TheOffice #popupbar yet. #booze

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Assistant ( to the ) regional manager.

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For more, head to Timeout. If one a pop-up like this makes its way to the Bay Area, we'll let you know.