Oakland Zoo Reportedly Facing Permanent Closure If It Can't Reopen Soon

They are losing $2.5 million in revenue each month

July 1, 2020
Oakland Zoo

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


The East Bay Citizen is reporting that Oakland Zoo Executive Vice President, Nik Dehejia, informed the Alameda County Board of Supervisors that the zoo is facing a permanent closure due to "financial distress". The zoo has been losing $2.5 million in revenue each month since their mid-March closure.

The Oakland Zoo is urging supervisors to recognize them as an outdoor museum, which are a sector of business that has been allowed to operate since June 19th. They've been working with officials to close rides & indoor facilities as well as their outdoor children's theater.

The zoo has also been spending $1.3 million a month on payroll while not receiving any of their usual ticket revenue. It's all especially troublesome because their run by a non-profit.

In related news, the San Francisco Zoo expected reopening of June 29th was delayed and we'll let you know when either Bay Area zoo gets to open their doors.