New Study Reveals That Californians Have Nearly The Worst Beer Tolerance In The Country

October 10, 2019

Ridofranz / Getty Images

Categories: has revealed a study that details how beer tolerance varies by state & Californians didn't do too well. While Arizona & Michigan residents had the highest tolerance levels in the country, Californians ranked in the bottom five.

The study asked more than 2,500 Americans how many beers with a 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) content it would take for them to feel drunk. For context, the typical light beer usually has an ABV of a little more than 4.0. The results of respondents from each state were averaged for the final results.

Arizona (4.04 beers), Michigan (4.02 beers) Maine (3.88 beers), Wisconsin (3.88) and Missouri (3.87) were the top five states in the survey. Meanwhile, the states with the lowest averages are Hawaii (2.71), Idaho (2.75), Arkansas (2.90), Montana (2.92), and California (2.96).

In additions 26% of Californians said that they feel drunk after one beer. 38% of Montana residents said they feel drunk after a single beer, taking the top spot in that aspect of the survey.

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