New Bill Aims To Extend School Hours To 6PM

November 7, 2019

monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images


In an effort to make life easier for working parents, Oakland's own Kamala Harris is proposing a bill that would have school days end at 6 PM. The Family Friendly Schools Act aims to better align parent's work hours with their children's school hours.

If the presidential candidate gets the bill passed it would go into effect at 500 schools that serve low-income families as a pilot program. The schools involved would get a grant of $5 million between them throughout the years as part of the program.

Harris points out that 70% of children have their school days end before their parents work day does. She also points out that it has an even bigger impact on black, Latino, and low-income parents who are working longer hours to help make ends meet.

It's not clear if the bill would change school start times, but California recently mandated later start times for middle schools (8AM) & high schools (8:30AM).

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