Meteorologists Predict Summer 2020 Will Be Hotter Than Usual For U.S.

A hot summer in quarantine?

May 13, 2020

Getty Images


As if there wasn't enough to look forward to in 2020, it's going to be really, really hot, y'all.

Meteorologists have recently predicted that 2020 will eventually become the hottest year on record, with experts estimating that there is a "50-70%" chance that temperature records exceed those set four years ago in 2016. 

And though lockdowns around the world have aided in helping to clear the skies and reduce pollution, the climate hasn't been affected much at all.  In fact, temperatures were already soaring to record levels beginning in January.  In fact, the wildfires in Australia have been attributed to the higher temperatures.

Karsten Haustein, a climate scientist at the University of Oxford, explained that greenhouse gases remain high are the cause of the higher temperatures.  She said, "The climate crisis continues unabated. The emissions will go down this year, but the concentrations keep on rising.  We are very unlikely to be able to notice any slowdown in the built-up of atmospheric GHG levels."

As for summer itself, a hotter than average one is expected across the country and especially in parts of the western U.S.

Temperatures on the west coast are expected to be above average in June and July, so expect a hot summer around northern California.