Man In 'Scream' Mask Attacks BART Passenger With Baseball Bat

Between Colma and Daly City

July 2, 2020
Scream mask

Sergio Dionisio / Stringer


A very scary incident took place on BART on Tuesday when a 22-year old man wearing a 'Scream' mask attacked a 19-year old man as the train traveled from Colma to Daly City station.

22-year old Marche Jermaine Hayes of Berkeley reportedly yelled “What the f— are you looking at, I’ll f— you up" at the victim, who responded he was neither looking at him, nor knew him.

Hayes then began attacking the victim by punching before pulling out a baseball bat and hitting him several times including blows to the head. The victim was able to get off the station at Daly City and contacted BART Police who managed to capture the perpetrator at a San Francisco station still wearing the 'Scream' mask.

The victim suffered multiple lacerations and a potentially traumatic brain injury.

Hayes pleaded not guilty to charges and remains in custody with a bail set at $60,000.