The Ghost Of Fremont's Niles Canyon Road

There are many tales of a "white witch" who haunts Niles Canyon Road.

February 13, 2018



There are several tales that anyone who's grown up in Fremont or near highways 84 and 680 might have heard throughout the years. That is the story of a woman who haunts Niles Canyon Road.

There are similarities to each story with most including a woman who was involved in an accident (in a car or a horse-drawn carriage) on Niles Canyon Road while on the way to either a prom or her own wedding.

In the legend, the woman can still be seen along Niles Canyon Road or often along the railroad tracks that cross Alameda Creek.

The 'white witch' is said to appear as a normal-looking high school girl in a white prom dress and is often offered rides by people passing by. Once she accepts the ride, she gives the driver a destination across either the Bay Bridge or Dumbarton Bridge. Upon approaching the bridge she will suddenly disappear from the passenger seat.

If you're looking to be creeped out feel free to take a drive on Niles Canyon Road in Fremont. Keep an eye out for the white witch, just don't offer her a ride.

This whole tale is similar to other vanishing hitchhiker stories, which you can see covered more in depth below: