Friday The 13th Tattoo Deals Offered In The Bay Area

April 6, 2018

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Another Friday the 13th is approaching and that means you're about to be super unlucky this Friday...or, not, but it does mean you can get deals on tattoos at shops around the Bay Area.

Why is Friday the 13th so special when it comes to getting a tattoo? A tattoo of the number 13 has been considered a lucky symbol in the tattooing world & is often associated with other lucky symbols. Thus, $13 tattoo deal on Friday the 13th became a thing & similar deals have been adopted by shops around the world.

This Friday is the 13th, and we're at it again!! $20 tattoos out the door. First come first serve. Show up as early as possible to put your name on the call list. Doors open at noon. Arms and legs only. Maximum 2 per person. We will only be tattooing images from this flash set. No size changes, but colors, shading, and “13” can be omitted from design upon request. Best of luck to you all and looking forward to another great #fridaythe13th! ---- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #tattooflash #sanfranciscotattoo #flash #sftattoo #tattooartist #ink #fridaythe13th #fri13 #fri13tattoo #sf #leftystattoosf #leftystattooco #tattoo #welcomestranger

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Here's some of the Bay Area shops that have been known to offer Friday the 13th deals on tattoos:

  • Monsters Ink Tattoo Studio - Albany ($40 specials)
  • Lefty's Tattoo Co. - San Francisco ($20 tattoos - arms & legs only)
  • Tattoo 13 - Oakland ($50 flash tattoos)
  • Blue Dragon Tattoo - San Francisco (Tattoos as low as $30)
  • Modern Electric Studio - Berkeley ($13 tattoos)
  • Castro Tattoo - San Francisco ($31 tattoos + $20 tip)
  • Frisco Tattoo - San Francisco
  • Royalty Tattoo - Burlingame ($31 Tattoos, arms & legs only)
  • Bulldog Tattoo - San Francisco ($20 tattoos)
  • JC Tattoo - San Francisco ($13, $31, & $61 tattoos)
  • Eye Of The Tiger Tattoo - San Francisco ($100 tattoos)
  • Lucky 13 Tattoos - Alameda (Tattos starting at $50 + free PBR)
  • Death Before Dishonor - San Jose
  • Black Lagoon Tattoo - San Jose ($20 flash tattoos)
  • Unlimited Ink Tattoo - San Jose
  • Black Sea Tattoo - Walnut Creek ($20 tattoos)
  • Faith Tattoo - Santa Rosa ($60 get what you get)
  • Eye Spy Tattoos & Piercings - Rohnert Park ($20 Flash tattoos)
  • The Dogfather Tattoo Company - Fremont ($50 & $100 flash tattoos)

Most places offering deals on Friday the 13th will have you choose a pre-made design available at the shop & it's customary to tip $7 to round the price up to $20.

Flash sheet #3 by guest artist @artbyozzy $31 dollars with at least a $20 tip as usual. With random bigger pieces as well. I'm posting em all night. 12pm 1st come 1st serve the line starts early

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Friday 13th sneak peek! More to come so stay tuned! Friday 13th 10am-9pm, first come first served (sign up), $31 each, limit of 3, no substitutes, arms n legs only, cash preferred.

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Many of these operate on a first-come-first-served basis & we also advise calling your tattoo shop of choice to douuble check on their deal for the week.