Drummers Are The Smartest Member In A Band, And Smarter Than Most In General

July 9, 2018



Per a study from Mic, science says that drummers are the most intelligent member of a band & smarter than the average person, in general.

Being a drummer tends to equate to being a natural problem solver and being a person who has a positive impact on those around them. It seems that having a good sense of rhythm is directly linked to higher intelligence as studies have shown a correlation between using multiple limbs to keep a steady beat and a natural ability to solve problems. 

Another very interesting thing for drummers is that when they commit errors in beat and then find their rhythm again, they’re tapping into a natural rhythm found all over Earth. Researchers at Harvard discovered that a drummer's internal clock does not move in a linear fashion, but moves in waves instead. Waves like those found in human brainwaves and sleeping heart rates. In other words, when a drummer gets back into a rhythm after messing up, they are matching the natural beat of the world.

While drummers can take solace in the fact that they're the smartest member of a band, bassists are perhaps the most important, per science. So, there's that, too.