Disney+ adds racism disclaimer on 'Peter Pan,' 'The Jungle Book,' & 'Dumbo'

The streaming service updated their previous disclaimer

October 16, 2020

Getty Images


Upon their initial launch in the fall of 2019 Disney+ had implemented warnings before a few of their classic films such as 'The Aristocats' & 'Lady and the Tramp' that warned that the content was being ‘presented as originally created’ & that it ‘may contain outdated cultural depictions.’ The streaming service has been accused of trying to gloss over racism with those warnings and now they've made some adjustments.

There are new warnings that are shown before 'Peter Pan,'  'Dumbo' & 'The Jungle Book' that explicitly mention that the films include “negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures.”

Disney+ also issued a warning about a Siamese cat in 'Aristocats' that negatively depicts Asians.

The company provides examples and explanations at Disney.com/storiesmatter.