Coronavirus Outbreaks Reported At 4 South Bay Costco Stores

Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Gilroy and a San Jose location

July 30, 2020

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


On the heels of a Coronavirus outbreak being reported at a Sunnyvale Costco Santa Clara County health officials have found three other instances of outbreaks among Costco employees in the county.

The numbers are as follows:

  • Gilroy: 6 cases between July 24 and July 30
  • Mountain View: 6 cases between July 15 and July 27
  • San Jose (Senter Road): 8 cases between July 17 and July 22
  • Sunnyvale: 13 cases between July 23 and July 26

A Santa Clara County health officer reported that the workers in these cases were infected outside of the store & that Costco has been complying with social distancing and mask protocols.