Condom Shortage Could Lead To Coronavirus Baby Boom

According to experts...

March 19, 2020

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As most Americans are stuck at home for at least the next few weeks, not everyone will be social distancing inside their homes...and experts believe we could see a potential baby boom as a jump in birth rates tends to folllow cataclysmic events and on top of that - it appears we're having a condom shortage at the moment., which we just found out was a real thing, noted that there were shortages in condoms in Asia earlier this month as quarantine measures lead to a big boost in sales.

The Coronavirus outbreak has also lead to slower manufacturing from the world's largest condom maker, the Karex Company in Malaysia. Such a slowdown could is expected to have effects on condom availability worldwide.

Here in America, Dr. Oz has recommended people have sex to help kill time & tension. Other experts have also assured that there will be a baby boom right around December 2020.