You can have a clown deliver a screaming telegram in San Francisco this month

Or get one to record a scary video

October 17, 2020

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San Francisco's Terror Vault can't takeover San Francisco's Mint building this year for October, but they are offering you the chance to scare your friends with a personal screaming telegram delivered via clown.

We are thrilled to present our first-ever Screaming Telegram service! Disappointed we can't openTerror Vault this season we still wanted to offer something festive to celebrate Halloween. Order a screaming telegram and have one of our terrifying Terror Vault clowns deliver a COVID-safe personalized message to your chosen victim in San Francisco. A scary Clown will arrive on-site to surprise the recipient with a song, some balloons, and a nightmare-inducing scream! Plus, you can choose to add a booze bag of premium holiday liquor, cupcakes, used porno mags, and more! Visit to send a screaming telegram!

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Terrifying clowns are ready for you to order COVID-19 safe personalized messages to victims of your choice within the city.

  • Each delivery costs $50.
  • This service is limited to addresses within the city of San Francisco.
  • Your victim must be over the age of 18 and at home between the hours of 5 and 7 PM on the selected date.

You can also ask for the clown to deliver Halloween treats, or some booze.

Send your friend or foe a scary clown this year! Book at Sickle is played by @cream.please

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For those looking to scare someone not in the City you can order a personalized scary clown video message for $40.

More info can be found here.