Christmas Music Might Actually Be Bad For Your Mental Health

October 31, 2018

Dmitrii Melnikov |


As it becomes OK for you to blase those Mariah Carey & Michael Buble holiday hits, here's a warning for you. Christmas music might actually be bad for your mental health, according to psychologists.

In 2017, a study from UK clinical psychologist Linda Blair made headlines because it declared that listening to Christmas music, especially too early in the holiday season, is can actually harm your menthal health.

Those Christmas songs can trigger feelings of the stresses assoicated with the holidays like needing to get shopping done, getting travel plans together, and more. It's particularly tough on those who work at businesses that start playing holiday songs early in the season as hearing the same songs over & over can lead to feeling like you can't focus on anything else. Their energy is often strictly spent on tuning out & not trying to hear what they're hearing.

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