Cars Are Now Banned On San Francisco's Market Street

October 14, 2019

travelguy1 / Getty Images


UPDATE: The plan has been approved & has taken effect.

Cars are banned on Market westbound from Van Ness and eastbound from 10th to Main Streets. Driving on that stretch of Market St. will now come with a $239 fine.

Last fall the SFMTA Board of Directors voted on whether or not to eliminate car traffic on one of its main thoroughfares - Market Street. The "Better Market Street" project would close Market to all private vechicles, but still allow public transit, paratransit, emergency vehicles, taxis, public vehicles, and bicycles.

The goal is to make Market St. safer and to transform a two-mile stretch of the street between Steuart St. & Octavia Blvd.

Cars will still be able to cross Market, but they won't be permitted to go up and down the street allowing for better flowing MUNI service and wider sidewalks.

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