Brandon Flowers Of The Killers Talks "My Own Soul's Warning" & Opening A Set With "Mr. Brightside"

The Killers singer chatted with Dallas on Zoom

May 28, 2020

Brandon Flowers of The Killers joined Dallas this week ahead of the original release date (5/29) for the band's upcoming album 'Imploding The Mirage' (now TBA) and they talked about. reopening the band's hometown of Las Vegas, the lead track on their new album & more.

Dallas: We've been dealing with a heatwave here in the Bay Area, but it's 107 in Vegas today, a place you're very familiar with. What are your tips for beating the hear?

Brandon: There's not much more you can do than stay inside. When you're a kid you're so used to it. I'm almost. nostalgic when I'm in it, but having kids brought back memories of "you can't go down the slide because it burns your legs!" You start having those kind of memories and it's like "oh, yeah." We didn't have a swimming pool so it was a lot of playing with the hose in the front yard. Other than that I don't have much advice other than get your hose.

Dallas: Seriously, avoid those metal slides in the summer. Sticking with Vegas, the governor of Nevada announced that casinos can reopen on June 4th. Is that something you think is a good idea?

Brandon: It seems a little premature. It depends on how many people show up, but I'm not a doctor. I would be weary. It's just a crazy thing & people have to navigate how to get back to normal & they're just trying to figure it out.

Dallas: Obviously you guys had big plans for 2020 and this week was supposed to be the release of 'Imploding The Mirage,' as we wait for it can you tell us more about the album's lead track, one that seems to be very important to you, "My Own Soul's Warning". Initially we saw the title track "Imploding The Mirage" was the lead track and now that one's the closer.

Brandon: Before "My Own Soul's Warning" was written it was apparent to everyone that the first song on the record would be "Imploding The Mirage," but then it changed the game. When "My Own Soul's Warning" came around he's a bully. He was taking that first spot.

Dallas: Does "My Own Soul's Warning" set the tone for the rest of the record?

Brandon: Yeah, spiritually and sonically it embodies what the rest of the songs are, but it really has its own universe. We're just really excited about that song.

Dallas: When you get back out onstage, is there a song on this record you feel is going to be a show opener. When 'Wonderful Wonderful' came out it was usually "The Man".

Brandon: Yes, it's "My Own Soul's Warning". It checks all of my boxes & makes me feel like all the music that moved me when I was falling in love with music. Over the years that's something that I chase with my own songs is to try to make myself live that again. It's really difficult to do that with your own songs, but "My Own Soul's Warning" is one that's done that for me. Usually when that happens it really resonates with others as well & I'm excited for it to come out into the world. I hope I don't hype it up too much.

Dallas: Speaking of songs you've opened with. The most recent time I saw you at BottleRock Napa 2018 you opened with "Mr. Brightside". You did that a few times that summer. What was your thought process going into kicking off a set with that song?

Brandon: Sometimes it's just fun. It's a little bit of a challenge, too. It's such a ubiquitous and crazy thing that it's become. It's taken on a life of its own. It's almost like getting it out of the way and then showing that we can still entertain you for another hour & a half after that. It's fun to do.

Dallas: I got a question on Twitter asking what are the chances of 3-hour sets in the future?

Brandon: It's all about genetics & my voice & what I'm able to do. I'm really happy with the live shows. Let's get to two hours first! It just depends on how many gigs you have that week. There's just so many factors. There's only a few people that can keep you interested for that long & so I hope within the next couple of records we can get to that point where it's two hours & maybe two & a half hours.

Dallas: Well, I can't wait till we get to see you onstage again and hear "My Own Soul's Warning" & "Caution" live. Feel free to bring Lindsey Buckingham with you for that one.

Brandon: We're looking forward to it, too. Of course we're gonna ask Lindsey whenever we're in the LA area. That would be a treat.