Bay Area Heat Wave Will Push Temps Into The 90s & Low-100s This Week

It will last through Thursday

May 22, 2020
Dolores Park Circles

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


A Bay Area warming trend that started over the weekend will continue through Thursday as temperatures around the Bay Area rise into the 90s and the low-100s.

Memorial Day Monday will find temperatures in the south bay, east bay & north bay in the 90s with the hottest days coming Tuesday & Wednesday. That's when we can expect high 90s and potential 100-degree weather in spots like San Jose, Livermore, and Concord. 

With hot weather expect people to head to spots like the new social distance-friendly Dolores Park in San Francisco, where it'll get into the 80s, and Bay Area beaches.

The National Weather Service notes this is stagnant hot air that will linger over the region for several days and begin cool down after Thursday.