Bay Area Experiencing Worst Air Quality In The World On Friday

The air quality index numbers are terrible around the Bay Area

September 11, 2020
San Francisco smoke

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


A few days after orange skies took over the Bay Area the air quality has actually worsened considerably as the winds have died down and the marine layer has dicipated. Heavy smoke is expected to linger throughout the day on Friday from the North Bay to South Bay & everywhere in between.

Using the air quality index, below 50 is good, above 150 is poor and above 200 is hazardous. San Francisco, Oakland & San Rafael were among the cities above 200 while San Jose came in at 159.

Of note, NFL games must be canceled if the AQI is above 200 on gameday and the 49ers open their season in Santa Clara on Sunday. The game would be held if it happened today as the AQI there didn't exceed 200 and isn't expected to, as of now, on Sunday. It could improve around the Bay Area over the weekend due to stronger on-shore winds.