Bay Area Cities Ranked Among Worst To Drive In For 2018

July 11, 2018

Pikadream |


In what is not a shock at all, three Bay Area cities ranked among those that are worst to drive in for 2018 according to a study from wallethub.

100 U.S. cities were ranked based on 29 factors including accident likelihood, car theft, gas prices, parking rates & more & of course California cities scored poorly when it came to those & other aspects of the study.

Detroit ranked as the worst U.S. city to drive in for the study while San Francisco ranked as second worst. Oakland came in as third worst, and San Jose at 13th worst.

SF ranked so poorly in part due to most amount of time drivers spend stuck in congestion & ranked dead last in gas price affordability. Oakland, meanwhile, ranked worst in car thefts.

Check out the full study here.