Alameda County Opens Line To Report Shelter-In-Place Violators

Officials want to hear your complaints.

March 25, 2020
Alameda County



(via KCBS)

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office wants to hear your concerns over possible shelter-in-place violations.

“We’re looking to see how much non-cooperation is out there. We think it’s probably a very small number,” said Sgt. Ray Kelly. 

The county has been receiving reports of violations through phone calls and social media messages to the sheriff’s office as well as various police and local agencies throughout the county. Due to that influx, officials have created a new email address — — to gather all the complaints in one place. 

“You see something everyday that’s of concern. This is a good way to let us know and we can alleviate that concern for you,” said Kelly. “We’re trying to gather all of those non-emergency complaints that have to do with non-essential business, non-essential activities and health order violations that people are concerned about in their communities… into one spot and then we’re going to distribute those to the various agencies and cities in the county to follow up on them.”

All reports will be anonymous, and the sheriff’s office says individuals and businesses will not be punished because a complaint has been made against them. 

“It’s not to say ‘gotcha’,” says Kelly. “The message is, we can gather information and then we can relay that information to public health and let them know where we need some adjustments, where we need more messaging.” 

Reported by Carrie Hodousek. Written by Jessica Yi.