Survey Finds That 2 Out Of 3 Tech Workers Would Move Out Of SF If Allowed To Work Remotely

Based on 4,400 Responses

May 22, 2020
San Francisco skyline

heyengel / Getty Images


A survey of 4,400 San Francisco-based tech workers found that 2/3 of them would move away from the city if allowed to work remotely, according to Business Insider.

Twitter, Square, and Coinbase are among San Francisco tech companies that are making working from home a permanent situation amidst the Coronavirus pandemic while other Bay Area tech giants Google & Facebook are allowing workers to stay remote for the remainder of 2020. Facebook is considering having 50% of its workforce be remote in the next 5-10 years.

The survey conducted by Blind found that respondents are looking to avoid San Francisco's high rents and 36% of the tech workers said they would consider moving out of California, while only 18% said they'd stay in the state.

Salaries could be adjusted for remote workers based on reduced cost of living.

Respondents also said they would not expect to go back to a five-day week in the office post-pandemic. For more head here.