Salt & Straw Announce Thanksgiving Themed Flavors Including Turkey And Stuffing

November 7, 2018
Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey

(Salt & Straw)


Salt & Straw has announced their latest specialty ice cream flavor for the Thanksgiving season.

The Portland-based ice cream maker has long been known for their very unique concoctions.

This Thanksgiving season they showcase:

  • Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey - "Full of delightful, finger-licking flavor, we fold sweet and buttery turkey brittle into a turkey fat caramel ice cream, creating an astoundingly authentic flavor you’ll want to wrap up and take home for leftovers"
  • Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecans - "Dig your spoon into rich, full-bodied sweet potato ice cream, balanced by an unbelievably light ribbon of mouth-watering maple syrup marshmallow fluff and homemade candied pecans. This is one of our favorite holiday classics, from the oven or from the freezer, and it gets better every year."

  • Roasted Cranberry Sauce Sorbet - "No Thanksgiving meal is complete without a side of intense, wine-deep cranberry sauce, and our take elevates the familiar flavor with roasted cranberries, cranberry juice, and candied cranberry jam—all made with the ruby beauties from our friends at Washington’s Starvation Alley Farms."

  • Roasted Peach & Sage Cornbread Stuffing - "We start by infusing our ice cream with fresh-picked sage for a classic stuffing aroma, and add handfuls of sweet and crunchy cornbread brown sugar shortbread cookies and spoonfuls of spiced peach jam brightened with a splash of peach vinegar."

  • Spiced Goat Cheese & Pumpkin Pie - "Indulge in warm spices, fresh local goat cheese, and streaks of fresh baked pumpkin pie filling. It’s almost as if we scooped out that yummy pumpkin custard straight from the pie shell and smattered it into a spicy, goaty, cheesecake ice cream."

They are all available now at their three Bay Area locations along with their more mundane flavors like Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, Double Fold Vanilla, Chocolate Gooey Brownie, and more.

1309 Burlingame Ave.
Burlingame, CA 94010
Open 11am-11pm daily

Hayes Valley
586 Hayes St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
Open 11am -11pm daily
(415) 549-7445

Pacific Heights
2201 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA
Open 11am-11pm daily
(415) 829-2803