Cemetery Sun

ALT 105.3 BFD 2018: Cemetery Sun

March 30, 2018

Learn more about Cemetery Sun before they take the stage at ALT 105.3 BFD 2018.


Sacramento, CA


Josh Doty
Austen Butler
Elliot Polokoff
Jesse Mancillas
Matt Scarpelli

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Employing a lethally catchy blend of pop-punk, alt-rock, and electro-R&B, Northern California's Cemetery Sun split the difference between the sonic might of Thirty Seconds To Mars, the beachfront affability of WALK THE MOON, and the emotional intensity of Twenty One Pilots.

Based out of Sacramento and featuring the talents of Josh Doty (vocals), Matt Scarpelli (lead guitar), Elliot Polokoff (guitar/producer), Austen Butler (drums) and Jesse Mancillas (bass), the band came together in 2003, but instead of hitting the road, they honed their chops in the studio, amassing a huge arsenal of songs. In early 2016 the band's single "Fake Love" caught the attention of Mikey Flom, the son of founder Jason Flom, resulting in a record deal with the imprint. The band's eponymous debut EP dropped later that year.

~ James Christopher Monger, Rovi