Jon Bernthal in 'The Punisher' (Photo credit: David Lee/Netflix)

(Photo credit: David Lee/Netflix)

Alice In Chains Brings The Gloom and Doom in 'The Punisher' Season 2 Trailer

By Anthony Capobianco, WAAF - Boston, MA

January 10, 2019

(WAAF) — There probably isn't an antihero in the entire realm of comic books that stack bodies as quickly or as brutally as Frank Castle aka "The Punisher".

In season 1 of the Netflix series The Punisher, we last left Frank attempting to adopt the simple life for himself and his family, walking away from a life of an off-the-books gun-for-hire. However, all of that came to an abrupt end when the lives of his wife and children were taken from him by his former colleagues. As he wreaked havoc in an act of very bloody vengeance against those who betrayed him, the Feds cleaned his slate in exchange for a "debt they could never repay." Thus allowing Frank Castle to disappear once more.

Watch the trailer to season 2 of The Punisher, here...

Now with the release of the trailer for season 2 of The Punisher, it's obvious that Frank wouldn't be able to stay hidden for long as a simple bar brawl quickly plummets him back into a mountain full of trouble. 

And, Alice In Chains' "Would?" provides the dark and aggressive undertones audiences can expect to see on its return to Netflix Friday, January 18th.