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The Beastie Boys perform on stage at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards

Beastie Boys' final set is streaming for free all weekend

As part of their virtual ROO-ALITY 3-day streaming event, Bonnaroo streamed the final Beastie Boys set ever from their festival in 2009 and now it's available to watch for free on YouTube all this weekend. The last gig.. We've heard from so many fans around the world that were unable to tune in... Read More

Miracle Christmas cocktail bars announce 2020 Bay Area locations

Despite 2020 making bars in California have to jump through hoops to be able to operate it appears that the annual Miracle Pop-Ups will be returning to three Bay Area locations this holiday season. Those locations are: Pacific Cocktail Haven (SF) Paper Planes (Miracle On 1st St. - San Jose)... Read More
Movie Theater Masks

Movie theaters opening around Bay Area on Friday

Drive-in screenings continue to sell out around the Bay Area, but now if you're hoping to see new releases in an actual theater that's something you can do at several theaters that have reopened. MOVIE THEATRES REOPENING: Will you stick with the living room movie night or go out to a Cinemark... Read More

Oh, look, another Bay Area heat wave is on the way

Fall is officially here, but we're not done with heat waves in the Bay Area for 2020 just yet. Starting Sunday September 27th temperatures will begin to heat up with Monday being the hottest & the trend to continue through Wednesday. Seasonable weather will persist through Friday. A robust... Read More

Chadwick Boseman mural unveiled at Downtown Disney

'Black Panther' star Chadwick Boseman passed away due to colon cancer in late August and now a tribute to the actor is on display at Anaheim's Downtown Disney. Author and artist, Nikkolas Smith, unveiled the mural of Boseman doing the Wakanda Forever salute with a child in a Black Panther mask... Read More