Shinedown's Brent Smith Ready to Return to the Road: 'You Can't Stay Inside Forever'

'It’s going to deplete your immune system'

May 12, 2020

With the country now in its third month of government restrictions amid the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, some local and federal leaders are calling for a fast reopening of the economy, even as medical experts warn it may be too soon.

The issue is polarizing among the general public as well, many of whom are suffering from record-high unemployment and the uncertainty that jobs will be available when the stay-at-home orders are finally lifted.

While some celebrities are touting antibody testing as a catalyst to the return to normalcy, others are moving ahead with plans they had put in place.

Take Jacksonville, FL rockers Shinedown for example. Front man Brent Smith recently joined Jose Mangin of Zippo Live to discuss life in quarantine, what's next for the band, and more.

Although experts believe large events and concerts will not return until late 2021, the band is still planning to hit the road this summer. Because, as Smith says, “we are not afraid to play for you.”

Shinedown was forced to reschedule their spring North American Deep Dive Tour with dates pushed into the summer, but now that those are up in the air Smith says, “we’re not backing off of that rescheduled timeline.”

“We are supposed to be on tour right now doing that tour, interspersed with headlining some festivals,” Smith said. “We rescheduled the tour for August and September — actually, the very first show is rescheduled for July 31st in Victoria, in Canada — but as of right now, that’s all a go.”

Smith was sure to insulate himself from criticism with a few “obvious” caveats: The band is concerned for your safety at their concerts, and they recognize the importance of keeping immuno-compromised and elderly fans out of harms way – and apparently they want you to build up your defenses as well.

“We want to do everything safely and we want to go by the professionals in the medical community and what we’re gonna need to do, but you can’t stay inside forever. Your immune system and everything about this virus, I want people to understand this, is that if you shelter at home for too long, it’s going to deplete your immune system.”

Smith continued, “obviously, people that are older, if they have pre-existing conditions or they have a compromised immune system, yes, we need to be extremely diligent with them and make sure that they’re safe. But for people that don’t have compromised immune systems, not being around people right now and not being back at work, that’s actually hindering your immune system. We have to get back out safely.”

Smith wants to ensure fans that a Shinedown show is a safe place for you, especially if you take your vitamins. “We would never put anyone’s health at risk. But that being said, you’ve got to maintain a level of… being healthy is also working out, eating right, taking certain supplements to help boost your immune system.”

Since the initial comments from Smith, the singer has released another message to clarify his position.

"I’d like to clear up any misunderstanding about our touring plans that may be out there as some of my comments were a little misconstrued recently in the midst of trying to stay positive in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic," he wrote. "We’d like you all to know that while we can’t wait to play for you and see all of you on the road again, we will only do so when it’s safe. The health and wellness of our fans is what's most important and something we take very seriously."

"We’ll be ready to perform for you when the time is right, and in the meantime, I encourage everyone to take this time to focus on staying healthy mind, body, and spirit, so that when we are able to come back together, we are all the better for this time apart. Stay strong and optimistic - we will get through this together. Onward and upwards we all rise together."

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