John Finlay of Netflix's 'Tiger King' Says He Hasn't Spoken to Joe Exotic Since 2018

April 6, 2020

John Finlay, the breakout star from Netflix's limited series "Tiger King," joins AJ & Mikalah on RADIO.COM's The Morning Beat on Channel Q. Finlay gives us an update on where he is now, and shares that he never felt the show would be as successful as it has become.

Along with never being able to imagine the show's wild popularity, Finlay also says he felt the directors of the Netflix limited series portrayed him as a "drugged up hillbilly", however AJ & Mikalah feel that Finlay has emerged as a bright spot amdist the dramatically sinister storylines of the series.

Finlay is now engaged, however not to Amber, who was also featured in the series. Finlay says he is staying home mostly during the COVID-19 outbreak, and has not spoken to Joe Exotic since 2018, even upon receiving the news that Exotic has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Finlay follows up by saying he does not speak to anyone from the show now.

The star and his new fiancée, Stormi, are now waiting to set a date for their wedding once the pandemic comes to an end. Since Finlay has stepped into the spotlight during this time, he has revealed that if he were to be portrayed in a movie, he'd like to see himself played by Channing Tatum.

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