SoCal Bro Gives Epic Speech To Stop L.A. City Council From Banning House Parties

December 7, 2017
The city of Los Angeles has been exploring a ban on Hollywood Hills house parties and these southern California bros aren't going to stand for it. Watch as this guy, who refers to himself as Chad Kroeger (like the singer of Nickelback), gives one of 2017's most poignant speeches: [embed][/embed] Chad, Boomer, & the rest of their bros are just trying to stay amped & stoked. Before he was (rudely) cut off, he at least earned a few laughs from council members. Here's an even longer version of the video, which includes Chad's friend, JT. JT "doesn't need love, just keg stands." If you want more on this story, head to BroBible (of course).