Melanie Martinez Accused Of Sexual Assault

December 4, 2017
Singer/songwriter Timothy Heller has accused her former best friend, singer Melanie Martinez, of sexual assault. You can read her account of the events via her Twitter: [embed][/embed] Heller states that the two women had a good friendship, but that she eventually grew dependent on Martinez & allowed her to have more & more power over her. Heller accuses that Martinez pressured her into sexual situations over a two night period while the two were still best friends. Martinez responded on Twitter late Monday night saying that she is "horrified & saddened" by the accusations & that Heller "never said no" what they did together. She ended her response by saying she sends her former friend "love and light always". [embed][/embed] Martinez is best known for being a finalist on the 2012 season of The Voice & for her 2015 debut album, 'Cry Baby,' which debuted at #6 on the Billboard album charts. [embed][/embed]