Rolling Stone Names Green Day's 'Dookie' As The Best Pop-Punk Album Ever

November 15, 2017
Rolling Stone has issued their list of the 50 greatest pop-punk albums and the winner is a classic from the East Bay's own, Green Day. 1994's 'Dookie' sits atop the rankings and we think it's a strong choice. [embed][/embed] The publication praises 'Dookie' for "perfectly marrying tight melody with a get-bent mentality." The album features hits like "Basket Case," "Longview," "Welcome To Paradise," "When I Come Around," & "She". Here's how the rest of the top 10 looks according to Rolling Stone: 10. Misfits - 'Walk Among Us' 9. Paramore - 'Riot!' 8. Blink-182 - 'Dude Ranch' 7. Generation X - 'Generation X' 6. Buzzcocks - 'Singles Going Steady' 5. Fall Out Boy - 'Take This To Your Grave' 4. Descendents - 'Milo Goes To College' 3. The Ramones - 'Rocket To Russia' 2. Blink-182 - 'Enema Of The State' 1. Green Day - 'Dookie' Other notables rankings are AFI's 'The Art of Drowning' at #30, Jimmy Eat World's 'Bleed American' at #25 & Green Day's 'American Idiot' at #16. For the full list head to