New California Laws For 2018

November 8, 2017
Many things we've voted on in the past & bills that have been signed into laws by Governor Jerry Brown will take effect as of January 1, 2018. Here's what you need to know: Marijuana: Recreational use of marijuana will become legal for those 21+ in the state of California on January 1, 2018. State licenses can also be issued for every type of marijuana business (cultivators, distributors, etc...). The state will include a 15% levy on all cannabis sales in California. San Jose & San Francisco shops should be ready for the law to go into effect on January 1. [embed][/embed] Salary History: Employers will now be prohibited from using an applicant's salary history as a factor in determining whether, or not to offer someone a job & what salary to offer an applicant. Employers will also be required to provide a pay scale for the position upon an applicant's "reasonable" request. Immigration Enforcement in the workplace: Employers are barred from voluntarily consenting to  allow immigration enforcers from entering non-public areas of a workplace. Employers and anyone acting on their behalf are also prohibited from providing voluntary consent to an immigration enforcement agent to access, review, or obtain employee records without a subpoena or judicial warrant. [embed][/embed] Seat belts on commercial buses: Effective July 1, 2018, Californians will be required to wear seatbelts on commercial buses, such as Greyhound & MegaBus, or face fines. You'll be fined $20 for your first offense & $50 for each subsequent offense. New Parental Leave Act: employees who work for an employer with at least 20 employees can take 12 weeks of paid leave (at 60-70% of your usual salary) for new child bonding purposes so long as the employee works at a worksite that employs at least 20 employees within a 75-mile radius. It was previously limited to employees at jobs that had 50+ employees. The new version of the act will grant these permissions to 27 million Californians who weren't allotted that much time before. [embed][/embed] Anti-Harassment Training: Businesses with 50, or more employees are already required to provide two hours of sexual harassment training every two years. Now, that training must include a component based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. New Ammo Laws: Vendors must have Department of Justice approval to sell ammo. Current retailers with an ammo supply may stop providing ammunition altogether due to the process of getting DOJ consent. If you're looking to import ammunition you must go to an ammo vendor that has been approved by the DOJ. Buying ammunition out of state and then returning to California runs the risk of carrying a misdemeanor charge of transporting ammo across state lines. Minimum wage: California state minimum wage rises to $11/hour for businesses with 26+ employees. [embed][/embed] For more on workplace laws in 2018 head here.