The Japanese chain Zauo – which has 13 locations in Japan – features tanks where the patrons can catch the fish that they want prepared.

Diners start by grabbing a pole and purchasing bait. They can then try to catch one of the ten varieties of fish swimming in the tanks. Once you catch one, you can hand it over to your waiter to be grilled, tempura-fried, or served as sushi.

The chain is set to open in New York in February 2018 with their unique take of fresh fish.

Don’t tell the owners that it is a gimmick … they take it very seriously.

“We totally understand there’s a debate going on, but we’d like people to understand we’re not doing this just as entertainment,” Founder Takahashi Kazuhisa told Eater NY. “We do want people to have a good time, but there’s a message we want to send that you’re eating a life. You’re killing a fish and eating it, and in Japan, we pray before every meal and say, ‘Thank you for the lives you have given.’ That’s the message behind this restaurant.”


feet Japanese Chain Where You Can Fish For Your Dinner Is Coming To The U.S.Bradford Hornsby is an editor, music writer, web producer, and pop culture blogger for CBS stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find him on Twitter at @bradfordhornsby.



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