You might’ve heard this up & coming band on LIVE105 by now as we’ve been playing their track “Cross My Mind”. We love it and it seems like you do too. The band is A R I Z O N A, from New Jersey. They played Bottlerock Napa in May & are returning to the Bay Area for two sold out shows in San Francisco this September.

Dallas spoke with the trio on the phone this week:

Dallas: All summer you’ve been playing music festivals between tours opening for COIN & Andrew McMahon. You played Bottlerock here in the Bay Area. Did you get to see Foo Fighters?

A R I Z O N A: Hell yes we did! We actually had amazing seats. It was very cool to see Dave Grohl up there Dave Grohl-ing around. We had a great time.

Dallas: Were you there when their sound got cut at the end during “Everlong”?

A R I Z O N A: No, unfortunately we didn’t because we were supposed to play another show that night so we rallied up and beat the traffic. It ended up falling through.

Dallas: Ah, well it went all viral cause the band didn’t stop playing and the crowd finished singing the song for them. It was awkward, but also dope.

A R I Z O N A: Man, that’s awesome. That’s happened to us before where the sound’s been cut & the crowd just shouted the lyrics. I’M NOT COMPARING MYSELF TO DAVE GROHL, but that is a very powerful thing when people do that for you.

Dallas: You’ve got two shows coming up in San Francisco that sold out immediately. You’ve been able to sell out your headlining shows super quick without really having a song on the radio – what’s been most important, Spotify? Youtube? What’s been the key to getting the word out about A R I Z O N A?

A R I Z O N A: It’s been a lot of that. It’s been very organic. It’s very surprising to us because we didn’t really expect things to pick up the way they did. We were just having so much fun with the A R I Z O N A project and making it something and making it this passion-fueled thing. When it did pick up the first thing you say is, “Whoa, this is crazy!” Then the second thing you do is kind of ask “Where is it coming from?” and we were very surprised and happy to find that a lot of it was organic. Lots of sharing and word of mouth and obviously the streaming platforms like Spotify are just the biggest thing in the world and help out as a medium that removes the middle man.

Dallas: Has anyone got an A R I Z O N A tattoo yet?

A R I Z O N A: Yeah, I was actually gonna say our manager, Jake (laughs). We’ve had a few fans, it’s kind of a weird word to use because we get to know the people that follow us so well that they’re kind of homies at that point, but some people that we’ve met through this that have followed us have got some tattoos, you know, of handwriting, or lyrics. It’s really crazy to think about.

Dallas: You’ve got dedicated fans already. Don’t they like bring you Pop Tarts? Is that a thing they do when they come to shows?

A R I Z O N A (Nate): Oh, yeah, that’s a thing. It’s awesome. I’ve made it known my love for brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts and our fans have been amazing enough that we receive a box, or two and it always makes my day. It’s breakfast for like a week.

Dallas: Have they given you the Jolly Rancher-flavored Pop Tarts yet?

A R I Z O N A (Nate): I don’t subscribe to that blasphemy.

A R I Z O N A (Zach): Wow. that’s disgusting. That’s a thing?

Dallas: Yeah, there’s three flavors of a limited edition ones. If you lick the icing it’s supposed to taste just like a Jolly Rancher. They just put out ramen-flavored Pringles too so anything’s possible.

A R I Z O N A (Zach): This is sort of the world we live in. Populated by the kind of godless heathens that would release things like ramen with pop tarts and sour patch and whatever else. I think those things are beautiful by themselves. Why do you have to go ahead and take a great thing and try it make it better, you know? As a world we should be happy with the things that we have separately. If it ain’t broke don’t put Jolly Ranchers on it.

Dallas: The gospel as told by A R I Z O N A. Before I let you go, I know you’re from Jersey. Real quick, can you sell me on New Jersey?

A R I Z O N A: I’m not gonna sell you on New Jersey. You don’t wanna be here. If you’re born here you love it. When people ask about it it’s like, “Yeah, Jersey, man. It’s whatever, you know?” The one thing I will say to you is this – The Jersey Shore is the one reference people have. They’re always like “Jersey, oh like Jersey Shore!” Nobody from the “Jersey Shore” TV show is from New Jersey. That part of New Jersey is so far from the part of Jersey we’re from. It’s like a two-hour drive. Basically, it’s a bunch of suburbs and boring stuff. Lots of soccer moms and Starbucks and it’s very much like any other part of the country except the taxes are ridiculous, so come on down! Buy a place! Take a look!

Dallas: There’s a convenience store around Jersey I heard is a big deal called Wawa. Is that a big thing?

A R I Z O N A: It was a south Jersey thing, but it’s come up to us. What we do have though is Taylor Ham. Now, people from South Jersey will say “pork roll” but they’re wrong. It’s a breakfast meat, like a pork thing. It’s almost like Canadian bacon, except it’s not Canadian bacon. It’s amazing. Taylor Ham mac & cheese is amazing. You should definitely try it.

Dallas: Thank you guys, we’ll see you in September and it’s been awesome spinning “Cross My Mind” on LIVE105.

A R I Z O N A: Thank you so much! You know, not a single day has gone by where you haven’t crossed our minds, so.

Dallas: You’re good at this.


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