They're back.

By Hayden Wright

Gorillaz have been teasing their comeback for months (years, even!) but plans are finally coming together for 2017. The virtual band will launch the Demon Dayz Festival in June, staged in Margate, England. Curated by Gorillaz creator Damon Albarn, the festival’s lineup has yet to be revealed.

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Gorillaz themselves will perform at the event, marking their first UK appearance since 2010. Overall, it’s their first show since 2012, putting an end to their five-year hiatus. With rumblings of a new album underway (but details slim) the band may have new material to promote by the time their animated likenesses take the stage in one holographic form or another.

So far we’ve heard “Hallelujah Money,” the first song from that new album. Enjoy that here:

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