DREAMCAR is the new project from Tony, Tom, & Adrian of No Doubt and Davey Havoc of AFI. They first got together back in 2o14 & we finally got to hear their first song, “Kill For Candy” this week. Adrian (drums) stopped by LIVE105 to talk with Dallas about the new band.

Q: DREAMCAR has been three years in the making?

Adrian: It really started as an experimental idea. We didn’t know if it was going to be a band, or not. That started about May 2014. We just kept writing songs & the experiment turned into a real thing so we thought, “Hey, let’s go get a record deal & be a real band & really do this.” So, here we are.

Q: You selected Davey Havok as your singer. You took him on a date, courted him. Were there ever conversations between yourself, Tony, & Tom about different singers for the project? Were you throwing names in a hat?

Adrian: No, he (Davey) was the only singer we spoke about. We had played a show with Black Audio years ago & we were well aware of Davey’s singing capabilities & awesome stage presence. Tony had run into him a few times and had suggested, “hey, let’s go talk to Davey & see if he’s interested in an idea.” So we took him to a restaurant in LA & as you said, we courted him, Tom Dumont gave him a little peepee rub & here we are.

Q: It’s been three years in the making, your first song is finally out (“Kill For Candy”) were you nervous about the response to it, have you read YouTube comments?

Adrian: Yeah, definitely excited, anxious. It was kind of a similar thing to the mid-90s when No Doubt was first getting played on the air. It feels young. I feel like a teenager almost. It’s nice to be back in the game so to speak with something new & fresh. I have looked at some of the postings. I haven’t run into too much negativity yet, that’s encouraging.

Q: How did you figure out what you were going to sound like as a band? Were you sitting around jamming? Did you know if you wanted to be punk rock, or hip-hop?

Adrian: We really didn’t even have that conversation. We said “let’s just jam” & creating songs & see where it takes us. The sound definitely leans in that new romantic, 80s vein at times. It wasn’t a pre-conceived idea to go there, but it was very natural to do so.

Q: “Kill For Candy” is the first single, the debut album comes out May 12th. Are we going to get any more songs, or teasers before the album drops?

Adrian: I think there might be another song, maybe a B-side. We haven’t decided what that song will be though. However, we are coming to the Bay Area for a show at the Great American Music Hall before the album comes out to play live.

Q: We knew you were playing Coachella already, but you’ll be here before Coachella for your second show ever at the Great American Music Hall?

Adrian: Yes, we’ll be at the Great American Music Hall on April 9th. The last Tony, Tom & I played the Great American Music Hall was with No Doubt in 1993 & 311 was also on the bill that night.

375285 01: 4/7/99 Los Angeles, CA. Gwen Stefani with her band, No Doubt at the premiere of "GO." Photo by Brenda Chase/Online USA, Inc.

375285 01: 4/7/99 Los Angeles, CA. Gwen Stefani with her band, No Doubt at the premiere of “GO.” Photo by Brenda Chase/Online USA, Inc.

Q: The city’s been a special place for you. You even got engaged to your wife on stage at the Fillmore, right?

Adrian: I did in 1999. I love this city. This is like my home away from home cause my wife was born & raised here. I’m here all the time. I’ve even threatened to move here, but that hasn’t happened. I just love it here. It’s a fantastic place.

Q: Thank you Adrian for hanging out. We’ll see you & DREAMCAR April 9th in SF.

Tickets for the SF show can be purchased here.



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