By Amanda Wicks

Kings of Leon released the music video for their newest single “Waste a Moment,” and it seems as though they want viewers to do just that with their rambling visual treatment.

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The video seems to combine the experimentation of earlier cinema forms, like French New Wave, with the self-conscious aesthetic so many contemporary films now exhibit. It’s striking shot after striking shot, but assembled into a linear narrative it makes little sense. Although there seems to be some kind of story, the way it’s been edited together feels as though someone took a feature length film, randomly cut out three minutes and then edited that together for audiences to understand without seeing the other 87 minutes.

Let’s break it down: A group of three cheerleaders open the video. They sit in a field while one watches two cops drop dead. From there,┬áCaleb Followill gets into a standoff with an older man, and he and Jared Followill later end up blindfolded. The cheerleaders reappear later on, also blindfolded. In fact, the metaphor of eyesight becomes a strong one between the blindfolds and later shots of a hand holding an eyeball.

Fans can likely read into a deeper meaning, but it seems as though the band might be messing with viewers by having them “waste a moment” watching this strange amalgamation of a video.

The song appears on the band’s forthcoming album Walls, which drops October 14th.

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