By Amanda Wicks

Even though it looks as though Green Day have taken up a secret life as bank robbers in their new music video “Bang Bang” off their upcoming album Revolution Radio, things aren’t exactly what they seem.

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In the band’s newest visual treatment, they perform their latest single at a rocking house party that’s full of the energy and verve normally caused by Green Day’s more up tempo tracks. Elsewhere in the story, though, a trio dressed in masks and full body suits robs a bank. Thanks to the way the video cuts back and forth between robbery and party, it seems as though Green Day are the men behind the crime, but when the robbers get outside and peel back their masks they turn out to be two young women and their male friend.

Worlds collide at the end when the trio make their way to the house party to share the wealth. “Bang Bang” was directed by Tim Armstrong. Revolution Road drops October 7.

Check out the video below.

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