By Arlene Robles, Live 105 Contributor

SAN FRANCISCO (LIVE 105) – The city of San Francisco has not seen a major comic con in five years and this past Labor Day weekend proved that we were ready for a return. San Francisco Comic Con was held at the Marriott Marquis in downtown San Francisco taking over four floors of the hotel.

Thousands of people attended the 3-day event that welcomed a handful of celebrities available for photos and autographs and close to 200 tables of exhibitors and artists. There were also plenty of cosplayers ranging in characters from popular anime, movies and TV shows. It reminded me of comic cons from the past where the main the focus were on artists, comics and animation.

San Francisco Comic Con 2016 (credit: EMTUT Photography)

San Francisco Comic Con 2016 (credit: EMTUT Photography)

On our way to retrieve my passes, I walked by a room where a full model of Red Skull caught the corner of my eye, so after I picked up what I needed I headed into the room. There I found Jonathan Lemon, artist and creator of the “Bigshot” comic strip and current winner of the Harvey Award. He was also there to help promote the Cartoon Art Museum, a gallery in between places, that has featured Lemon’s work. Another notable artist in attendance was the legendary Allen Bellman, who as a teenager worked with Stan Lee at Timely Comics, known today as Marvel Comics. He had plenty of stories to tell about the Golden Age of comic books while drawing and sketching at his table.

Gabriel Moore-Topazio, Wrought  Comics (credit: EMTUT Photography)

Gabriel Moore-Topazio, Wrought Comics (credit: EMTUT Photography)

Of course newer artists and writers were there too promoting their latest comic books and graphic novels. A couple that caught my attention were Asylum by Wrought Comics, a story about a woman named Evie that takes place between our world and parallel universe and Black Jack Ketchum by Image Comics which is described as a supernatural western.

Artist Thao To (credit: EMTUT Photography)

Artist Thao To (credit: EMTUT Photography)

Other artist displays included Doug Rhodes who’s art was literally eye-catching with his mix of painting and photography will stop anyone walking by as well as anime artist Thao To (pictured) selling her works of anime in both prints and charms.

Jenna Coleman (credit: EMTUT Photography)

Jenna Coleman (credit: EMTUT Photography)

And if that’s wasn’t enough, voice over actors Grey DeLisle (Mandy from “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy”), Chris Sabat (various voices including characters from Dragon Ball Z, YuYu Hakusho and Samurai 7) and Janet Varney (Korra from “The Legend of Korra”) were there as well as Star Wars actor Ian McDiarmid, BBC America’s Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman (pictured) and CW’s Arrow Manu Bennett. All were available for a nice chat, photos and autographs.


The weekend was an overall success from what I could tell and although I don’t have any solid numbers on how many people were actually there, I can tell you by observation that it was a lot! San Francisco has been waiting for this and I hope this is the start of an annual tradition.

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