"It's about regret. It's about good memories. It's about bad memories."

By Hayden Wright

Pixies bassist and backup vocalist Kim Deal left the band in 2013, but her mark is left on their upcoming album Head Carrier. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Charles Thompson (aka Black Francis) clarified the emotional and bittersweet journey the band has taken since her departure. Deal’s replacement, bassist Paz Lenchantin, even addresses Deal directly on “All I Think About Now,” imploring, “Remember when we were happy?”

Asked whether he’s still in touch with Deal, Thompson told the magazine that they still have each other’s numbers. Nevertheless, the relationship is fraught with happy and unhappy memories.

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“When you look back fondly in a poignant kind of way, you have a lot of ups and downs mixed together,” he said. “I guess that’s what it’s about. It’s about regret. It’s about good memories. It’s about bad memories.”

But ultimately, Thompson says he understands the Pixie fatigue that led Kim to exit.

“It just feels nice because Paz is very motivated to be there. If someone isn’t motivated to be there and is not enjoying it or just wants to be doing something else with their life, it gets difficult. I can imagine if Kim wanted to do other things with her life and here we are, the phone’s ringing again, another tour, another thing to do, it starts to feel like a drag. I get it.”


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