When James emerged from the team flight with the NBA trophy, he was very noticeably wearing an ‘Ultimate Warrior’ t-shirt.

Having just defeated the Golden State Warriors for the championship, the shirt seemed like salt in the wound to fans in the Bay Area.

That might not be the case.

In a recent interview with Business Insider’s Alyson Shontell, the t-shirt was just a coincidence and was James’ only clean shirt left.

“So, one day I get home from practice, and there are these T-shirts laying in my bedroom, and my wife purchased them from a store. I packed them all throughout the playoffs. And the shirt that I had on to come home in, I wore in Vegas, and my teammates sprayed me with Champagne. It got soaking wet, so I had to throw it in the trash, and the only other shirt I had in my bag was my Ultimate Warrior T-shirt.”

Not buying it.

Lebron may have run out of clean t-shirts while partying celebrating in Las Vegas but it seems far fetched that a ‘Ultimate Warrior’ t-shirt would be all he could find to wear. Heck, teammate JR Smith could even be bothered to wear a shirt.

 feet Lebron James Claims His Ultimate Warrior T Shirt Was Just A Coincidence

Bradford Hornsby is an editor, music writer, web producer, and pop culture blogger for CBS stations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find him on Twitter at @bradfordhornsby.


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