The set focuses mainly on the quartet's first incarnation—Perry Ferrell, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery, and Stephen Perkins.

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Jane’s Addiction is set to release Sterling Spoon, a limited edition 6-LP collection featuring their 1988 breakout, Nothing’s Shocking and 1990 album Ritual de lo Habitual, along with the vinyl debuts for the 1990 concert recording Live From The Palladium and a selection of rarities, demos, and live takes from the 1997 compilation Kettle Whistle.

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According to Rhino, who assembled the collection, the set focuses mainly on the Los Angeles-based quartet’s first incarnation—Perry Ferrell, Dave Navarro, Eric Avery, and Stephen Perkins.

Limited to 5,000 pieces, Sterling Spoon will be available October 21 for $99.98 via Amazon.

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Sterling Spoon 6-LP Set Tracklist

Nothing’s Shocking
Side One

  1. “Up The Beach”
  2. “Ocean Size”
  3. “Had A Dad”
  4. “Ted, Just Admit It…”
  5. “Standing In The Shower…Thinking”

Side Two

  1. “Summertime Rolls”
  2. “Mountain Song”
  3. “Idiots Rule”
  4. “Jane Says”
  5. “Thank You Boys”

Ritual De Lo Habitual
Side One

  1. “Stop”
  2. “No One’s Leaving”
  3. “Ain’t No Right”

Side Two

  1. “Obvious”
  2. “Been Caught Stealing”

Side Three

  1. “Three Days”
  2. “Then She Did”

Side Four

  1. “Of Course”
  2. “Classic Girl”

Kettle Whistle Extractions
Side One

  1. “Kettle Whistle”
  2. “Ocean Size” (Demo)
  3. “My Cat’s Name Is Maceo” (Demo)

Side Two

  1. “Had A Dad” (Outtake)
  2. “So What!”
  3. “Mountain Song” (Demo)
  4. “Been Caught Stealing” (Outtake)
  5. “City” (Soul Kiss 88)

Live At The Hollywood Palladium 1990
Side One

  1. Drum Intro
  2. “Up The Beach”
  3. “Whores”
  4. “1%”
  5. “No One’s Leaving”

Side Two

  1. “Ain’t No Right”
  2. “Then She Did…”
  3. “Had A Dad”

Side Three

  1. “Been Caught Stealing”
  2. “Three Days”

Side Four

  1. “Mountain Song”
  2. “Stop!”
  3. “Summertime Rolls”
  4. “Ocean Size”

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