These two dudes, Kyle Kaplan & Vinnie Pergola, are hilarious. If you don’t believe me, then you’re wrong, but all you have to do is follow them on Snapchat (Phantoms) to understand what I mean. They’re more than just funny dudes on Snap, though, they’re also a great up & coming electronic duo that’s really starting to buzz. I talked with Kyle & Vinnie & here’s how it went:

Q: You guys are having a lot of success with the Bingo Players remix you just dropped for “Cry (Just A Little”). How’d that come about?

Kyle: A-Trak came to us & said Bingo Players want me to do a remix & I want you guys to do it with me, so we were like, “sure!” So, we all sat in Com Truise’s studio, he’s my roommate, & we have a little studio in the house & we did it in a few days. It was a good time.

Vinnie: It kind of came together randomly, so we’re excited that people are liking it. It’s #1 on Beatport.

Q: One of your originals might even make to #1 on Beatport someday.

Kyle: We’re not going for that. We just want it to be other people’s songs…That’s a joke. Beatport, if you’re out there, we’d really like to get one of our songs on there.

Vinnie: Guys, if we can actually push all of our current songs to #1. Apple Music, or Spotify, you can get “Broken Halo”, or “Call My Name,” just get up to that #1 spot.

Kyle: And to anyone here at LIVE105 if we could get them in rotation that’d be great. I’m thinking once every 10 minutes.

Q: How Do You stand out in Los Angeles?

Vinnie: You grow up there.

Kyle: And then you quickly realize that there is no way to stand out other than being you. We’re weird guys and our weirdness kind of made us stand out a tiny bit. For standing out there’s different levels of it in LA. We’re at like the smallest, Z-level.

Vinnie: A lot of the Vine guys, I see them walking around Hollywood all the time. They’re very outlandish, lot of antics.

Kyle: They’re on hoverboards & there’s cameras, lights. They’re like “Whoa-oh!”

Vinnie: That’s someone new to LA “standing out”.

Q: Are you social media influencers? You went to a party for social media influencers…

Kyle: We did, we went to a social media influencers party. I’m not gonna say the name, but we were really fascinated with this guy ’cause we don’t know what his whole thing is, but we wanted to go to this party. There were all these weird, like, YouTube kids & this one kid asked for our numbers and he’s texted us, like, seven times now. “Hey, when are we gonna get dinner?” It’s weird.

Vinnie: We’re Influencers.

Q: My first experience with Phantoms came from a Dillon Francis Snap story where he & Vinnie fly to Vegas & Kyle accidentally flies to Seattle. Did you ACTUALLY fly to Seattle for the sake of a Snapchat Story?

Kyle: Yes. I flew from Burbank to Seattle & then from Seattle to Vegas in the same night. It sounded easier on paper. I ate at a Wendy’s at the Seattle airport, which made me feel very sick on the plane. Sorry, Wendy’s. & It was just a brutal ride over there. It was a long day, but we actually did it. Just for that little filter on the top left. The geotag.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.28.18 PM

Vinnie: It was all for the geotag. It was a lot of commitment on Kyle’s part. Thank you, Kyle for doing that.

Q: Is that the greatest length you’ve gone to for a Snap story?

Vinnie: That was more of a time commitment. It’s just an exhausting thing to sit on a plane for no reason.

Kyle: That was the biggest time commitment, but one time we were on the Santa Monica Promenade & Mark Cuban was there selling hats & there was no one around. We bought a hat and worked him into a Snapchat story.

Vinnie: It cost $60, though.

Kyle: We were just gonna give it away, but then my mom was like, “I’m a big Mark Cuban fan.” So I gave it to her. Apparently, she’s a big fan.

Must love “Shark Tank”. Every Friday night at 8PM…what else are people doing at that time?

Kyle: Clearly, not listening to our music. Watching Shark Tank, right?

Vinnie: We gotta get on that show.

Kyle: Hey, everybody, at LIVE105 if you can get us Shark Tank, that’d be great.

Q: How often are you asking people to be apart of your Snap stories, or are you going for it not knowing how they’ll react?

Vinnie: Most of the time you don’t ask.

Kyle: Most of the time you go for it.

Vinnie: Most people are down to help out.

Kyle: A lot people get weird sometimes, as if you’re uncovering a secret. They’re like, “No, no, no I don’t want to be on anything.” We were at a hotel the other day trying to get a shot with Dillon & they had to call through everybody. The publicity from the hotel gave us some long speech about why we couldn’t shoot in the lobby, meanwhile, we got the shot anyways cause it was shot on a phone & they had no idea.

Q: Has the snapchat stuff helped you guys?

Kyle: It’s been cool, actually, watching the people who don’t necessarily know the music will find us from our Snapchat, or Dillon’s then they listen to the music, become fans, and come to the shows. & there’s like this personality aspect to the music, which is awesome.

Q: I just wrote down “Guy Fieri?” So…

Kyle: OK. Sure, why not?

Vinnie: Guy Fieri, he’s great. Every now and then I come across the show, what is it? Diners…?

Diners, Drive-In’s, & Dives. There’s also “Guy’s Grocery Games”.

Kyle: Wow. Big fan, over here.

Vinnie: I pointed this out to Kyle the last time we were watching it & most of the show is pouring salt & things to make sauces in. Just, in a bowl.

Kyle: There’s always dumping something into a bigger vat of something else.

Vinnie: There’s not a lot of real cooking going on. It’s more of just a giant bucket that they’re dumping garlic in, and thyme. That’s my one pet peeve with that show.

Q: How does someone really enjoy Las Vegas?

Kyle: Oooh, that’s a tough one. There’s different ways. You can be like, “I’m gonna see a show.” or “I’m gonna put $5 in a slot machine.” Or there’s “I’m gonna go to every strip club, take everything in the world, and spend all my money.” Which is a different kind of enjoyment. A lot of enjoyment comes from leaving there, sometimes.

Vinnie: Yeah, sometimes leaving Vegas is the best part. Also, not gambling is good.

Kyle: I don’t follow that. I do it always. I get a new method I think will work & it never works. Don’t gamble, everybody. The house always wins.

Vinnie: More people should know that. Little PSA, gambling is not in your favor.

Come back to the Bay soon by the way. & Follow them on Snapchat, it’s just “Phantoms”.

Kyle: Do that, it’s a good time.

Kyle “Da Kaptan” Scraplan, and Dillon Francis groupie, Vinnie, thank you guys.

Kyle: Vinnie’s more of a roadie, actually. Can you pick that up, please? (To Vinnie) Da Kaptan’s out.



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