By Brian Ives 

On the surface, retiring sounds great: if you’ve got the finances to not have to work anymore, why stay in the rat race when you can transfer to a life of rest and relaxation?

The problem is, sometimes too much free time can be too much of a good thing. Case in point: Ozzy Osbourne first retired over twenty years ago, when he went on his “No More Tours” tour in 1992. The problem? He hadn’t figured out what he wanted to do next.

So, even though next week Black Sabbath is kicking off their final tour next week, Ozzy is quick to point out that he’s not retiring. “I’m not stopping,” he tells “If I stop, I’ll die. When my father was alive, he said ‘[My job] offered me retirement and they’re gonna give me a bit of cash and I’m going to work on my garden.’ He took the retirement, spent the cash, did the garden, and then he had nothing else [to do] and he died!”

His advice? “You have to have something to retire to. If you want to go f—ing mountain climbing or sky-diving or walking, [do that]. But if you sit on your a–, you’ll die! You have nothing to get out of bed for! If you sit on your butt watching the f—ing TV all day, everyday, your body will go ‘OK, I’m not being used anymore.’ That happens a lot, I think!”

Sabbath’s tour goes through the fall, but Ozzy’s looking forward to his next solo album. Is he once again working with his most recent backing band of Blasko (bass), Tommy Clufetos (drums) and Gus G. (guitar)?

“I hope so, but it’s too early to say ‘Yes, I’m doing this.’ I’ve been writing, I’ve got a couple of songs right now, I haven’t got an album yet.”

Black Sabbath’s “The End” tour kicks off on Wednesday (January 20) in Omaha, Nebraska. Watch a behind-the-scenes video of tour rehearsals below.


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