By Alyssa Pereira

Over the weekend, Musical Charis singer Blake Abbey was hanging with two friends from Slaves, another local Northern California band, when the three musicians and Abbey’s brother Bradley decided to head to a Sunday night dance party at a nearby club in Sacramento.

The day had already been full — Slaves had just come home from tour, and and Alex Lyman and Wes Richmond along with the Abbeys decided to celebrate their return. Together the group went to the river, barbecued, and got drinks downtown.

At around 11:30, they decided to carry on the night at Press Club. “Abbey says they were arm-in-arm, goofing around and having fun while walking southbound on 21st Street,” according to News Review. “As they passed O Street, two standing near a motorcycle parked out front of Alley Katz began hollering at them.”

That’s when things took a turn.

Words were exchanged. The attackers called the musicians homophobic obscenities, and “within seconds,” one of the men, allegedly named Timothy Brownell, pulled out a knife so huge, Blake Abbey likened it to “a prop knife like in ‘Rambo’.”

Brownell began swinging the knife, eventually slicing Slaves guitarist Richmond in the stomach, Abbey “all the way through [his] arm,” and Slaves’ Lyman in the side and on his throat.

“The dude stabbed three of us, the knife was ****ing huge.”

With a broken hand he sustained, Richmond won’t be able to join his band Slaves on Warped Tour.

“They are in jail thanks to you and hopefully get charged with attempted Murder,” Abbey wrote of the ordeal after surgery. “My arm will never be the same it’s devastating to me. My wife has been by my side the entire time and I needed it so bad. Spread love stop the hate.”

All victims are recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

According to Fox 40, the attack is now being investigated as a hate crime.




(h/t News Review)

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