By Alyssa Pereira

Many women know that harassment runs rampant at live shows, generally regardless of the venue or band playing. It’s the sad norm to be groped, catcalled, and grabbed. The worst part?

It’s almost impossible to police.

Maybe that’s what this guy was thinking earlier this week when he attended a Alkaline Trio/Jeff Rosenstock show at The Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia and attempted to sexually harass a female standing in the front row.

He probably wasn’t thinking, however, that the punk singer onstage, Jeff Rosenstock, would stop his set and personally call him out. “Last night we had to stop playing during the Alkaline Trio show cause a drunk dude was sexually harassing a female in the front row,” he wrote in a Facebook post this week. “While I appreciate that [I] wouldn’t have seen the situation without security pointing him out, after seeing it security did nothing.”

Rosenstock noted the double standard too. “If the dude putting his hands all over a girl half his size at the show in Philly had snuck in affordable beer or had been smoking weed, he would have been ejected in two seconds,” he continued. “Instead we had to stop our set and yell at an adult male for five minutes [for] what should be a no-brainer: not run his hands up and down a stranger.”

Luckily, the crowd was on Rosenstock’s side. As he said, “eventually audience members helped get him out of there, and the TLA staff and security removed him from the show.”

It’s sad that it even has to be said, but the rocker sums it up best: “Let’s continue to make punk shows a place where everyone feels safe from sexual assault, so we can all rock the f*** out without fear of being violated.” 

Read the post in full below:



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